Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good ergonomics can make life a whole lot better

Good practical tips for maintaining good posture ...

"Your body is a productivity tool, whether it is at work or at play. Unfortunately, sometimes, we are not able to use it to its full potential. Many of us are professional sitters. We sit on the job, on our way to the job in a car or on the bus and then we sit to relax when the job is done. This excessive sitting doesn’t do wonders for our posture.

A person’s posture gives us a sneak peak in to his health since it gives an indication as to what the spine is doing. If someone is slouching or carrying more weight to one side, she is putting imbalanced pressure on certain areas of the spine. Therefore, we see interference on the corresponding nerves.

Your body functions best when it is in a neutral position. Many moons ago, I wrote about the ins and outs of neutral spine, but as a refresher, let’s say that it is when the pelvis is sitting parallel to the ground. This means no sticking the butt out or tucking it under."   (Continued via The            [Ergonomics Resources]

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