Saturday, August 12, 2006

How to avoid aches caused by office computers

The Russian view on office ergonomics ...

"Today, almost all office workers have to do their work with the help of computers. After working with computers all day long, many people feel in the evening that this or that part of the body aches or causes troubles.

Manual therapists give a number of effective recommendations how to properly organize work with computers and avoid health problems.

Computer work supposes a sitting mode of life which means that muscles are not exercised during the day. The neck and the back suffer most of all from this sitting mode of living. The situation may get even worse if office employees have their workplaces badly organized.

It is important that office workers should have ergonomic monitors. Such monitors can be adjusted to the body peculiarities of every particular man. An ergonomic monitor can be fixed vertically or horizontally, turned in any direction; at that its height and the screen bent are well-regulated.

If a monitor is slightly shifted to the left, this position will make the neck muscles get strained on the left side and stretched on the right side. This misbalance will make it problematic to turn the head to the right. So, an office monitor must be placed in accordance with the middle line. In other words, the monitor must be placed immediately behind a keyboard; the middle line of the keyboard must coincide with the middle lines of the monitor and a worker’s body."   (Continued via Pravda)               [Usability~Resources]

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