Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Making Time for Safety

Rreasons for not providing safety training ...

"I'm a gardener. I grow flowers, vegetables and herbs in a tiny urban yard. As a half-joke, I often give my busy friends a small jar of dried thyme, telling them, "Everyone can use a little more time."

Perhaps I should send my entire crop to Michigan, where employers claim a "lack of time" is the greatest hindrance to workplace safety education.

A recent survey of 700 business owners, operators and managers conducted by EPIC-MRA found 25 percent of respondents claimed that not having enough time was "the greatest barrier" in educating their workers on staying safe. Eleven percent cited employee turnover as the greatest barrier to providing workplace safety education, while 7 percent each blamed the availability of information and the cost of providing training."   (Continued via Occupational Hazards)            [Ergonomics Resources]

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