Monday, August 07, 2006

Occupational Medicine a Good Fit for Companies

Another aspect of workplace safety ...

"In the course of a typical week, Dr. Robin Epp treats a host of minor workplace injuries that might otherwise send workers to the emergency room.

"We do a lot of acute work," said Epp, a staff physician at Iowa Methodist Occupational Medicine's West Des Moines office. Some of the most common injuries she treats are sprains, fractures, minor lacerations and foreign objects in the eye, she said. "And we do lots of physicals."

Each year between 300 and 400 Greater Des Moines businesses use the occupational medicine services provided by Iowa Methodist Occupational Medicine, which operates clinics at Lakeview Medical Center and Penn Medical Park on the East Side.

A subspecialty of preventive medicine that came into its own in the 1980s, occupational medicine programs are becoming more competitive in Central Iowa as employers increasingly recognize the benefits of having a program. that focuses on preventing and treating workplace injuries to minimize lost time.

"A difference we have from family physicians is that we're much more familiar with the work environment," Goranson said. Because the occupational medicine physicians have toured the work-sites of the companies that use the program, they "are tuned in to the work and how employees may be injured," she said."   (Continued via RedOrbit)            [Ergonomics Resources]

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