Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Steelcase Workplace Index Survey Shows Decline in Workspace Personalization

Mobility leads to impersonal workspace ...

Steelcase, a global manufacturer of office environments, today revealed results of the second of a three-part Workplace Index Survey on the Nature of Work in 2006 conducted by Opinion Research Corporation (ORC). The study analyzes the trend of workspace personalization, what workers use to personalize and how corporate culture impacts personal changes to the office environment.

The study targeted nearly 700 office workers in the United States, and found that just over half (59 percent) of Americans personalize their workspace. A similar study conducted in 1996 identified that 85 percent of Americans decorate their workspace, revealing a decline of 26 percent over the past ten years.

... According to the study, there are various practical reasons for not decorating a workspace, many of which deal with the issue of space itself. Thirty-seven percent of American workers share space with another, 35 percent do not have a permanent space and 28 percent cited the lack of space to personalize. Other reasons cited for foregoing personalization included wanting to maintain a professional image (17 percent) and to avoid distraction (13 percent)."   (Continued via Yahoo! Finance)   [Ergonomics Resources]

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