Sunday, August 13, 2006

Transparent Machine Safety

Safety light curtains can avoid a lot of injuries and increase productivity ...

"Applying safety light curtains with the right features set can maximize employee safety and productivity.

Safeguarding employees from workplace hazards not only is a moral and legal imperative; it's a sound business decision. According to the National Safety Council, employers spent an average of $34,000 for each disabling injury and $1.15 million for each employee death in the most recent year for which statistics have been released.

Of course, it's not a difficult engineering challenge to design effective safeguarding for virtually any type of machine. The real challenge is to provide guarding that will deliver high levels of safety while not impeding the productivity of the machine and while maximizing cycle time.

When correctly specified and applied, safety light curtains seamlessly integrate with the machine or other equipment and virtually disappear from the perspective of the machine operator. As such, when properly applied, safety light curtains provide a guarding solution that enables an operator to work unimpeded for increased productivity, coupled with transparent and reliable protection from the machine hazards."
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