Saturday, August 05, 2006

Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace

Increasing productivity with eye care ...

"Vision is our most precious sense. Our eyes are in constant use every waking minute of every day. Psychologists estimate that 80% of the information people obtain from the external environment is by means of their visual pattern (Manas). Clearly, the way we use our eyes can determine how well we learn, work and perform.

The way we use our eyes each day has changed dramatically in recent years. More tasks are now performed at a dose viewing distance and under a wide range of workplace conditions. To perform at maximum potential, a person's visual system must adapt to these changes.

This article examines visual function and its role in workplace productivity. By understanding the connection between comfort, health and productivity, and knowing the options for good visual ergonomics and workplace lighting, readers will gain a better understanding of potential visual stressors in the workplace, and of how vision and visual comfort can affect productivity.

Understanding the Eye & Visual System

A complete eye examination is more than just reading letters on a chart 20 ft away. This is simply one test of the function of one part of the visual system. The eyeball is just the receiver of light and the comparison of the eye to a camera is an inadequate description of how people see. Visual processing is accomplished in the brain where visual perception occurs. "Eyesight" is the process of properly focusing tile incoming light to the proper area of the retina, whereas "visual perception" is the process of taking that information into the brain, making sense of it and reacting appropriately (Schapero, et al)."   (Continued via RedOrbit )            [Ergonomics Resources]

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