Friday, August 04, 2006

Wear Your Safety Goggles

All the reasons people don't wear safety glasses ...

"Laboratories are hazardous places. It's easy to forget that when you work in one, day after day, and it's easy to get complacent about eyewear. But eye injuries are painful and sometimes permanent, and all it takes is a momentary lapse. Consider this example from an upper-division organic chemistry course at a small private college. A student arrived with no lab coat and didn't put on his safety goggles. He took a place at a shared fume hood with two other students, one of whom was in the process of heating solvent in a flask. Suspicious that something wasn't right, the student heating the solvent raised the sash of the fume hood to adjust the setup.

At that moment the glass shattered, spraying solvent on all three students. Two of them were wearing eye protection. The new arrival, working next to the student whose flask had shattered, took solvent directly in both eyes. "He was there less than 2 minutes, and he ended up with permanent reduction in his vision," says Denis Sapiro, manager of the Occupational Health and Safety Office at the University of Washington, Seattle, recalling the incident from his undergraduate days. "It was hazy from then on."   (Continued via            [Ergonomics Resources]

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