Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Citroën thinks the unthinkable

Ergonomics in car design moving to new levels ...

"Nowadays the Concept Car comes in two varieties. The first is the genuinely forward-thinking project, designed to showcase a manufacturer's capability, or at least its imagination. This is what concept cars started out like, the first being a Volvo about 70 years ago, but the idea really got motoring in the 1950s, when the big American firms got inspired by the jet age, nuclear power and the dawn of space travel.

... Inside, the Citroën designers have picked up where Virgil Exner (Chrysler), Harley Earl (General Motors) and Saab left off a half a century ago and taken the ergonomics of an aircraft cockpit into a car cabin. Except that nowadays it's not an affectation, it's a necessity. Even the most humble family cars now have such a bewildering array of dials, switches, buttons and levers for the driver to deal with. Why not plant a few on the roof console, as in this C-Métisse? With your starter button up there you can even more realistically pretend to be in a jet. Comfort and safety might benefit from a head restraint plonked up there too, instead of just extending from the seats."   (Continued via Independent)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Citroën Concept Car - Ergonomics

Citroën Concept Car

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