Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LG Launches Reading Phone for the Print-Disabled

Visually impared assistance with cell phones ...

"LG Electronics developed the world first “Reading Phone” for visually challenged users, announced the handset maker on Tuesday. The “Reading Phone” converts texts files from LG Digital Talking Book (DTB) Library into voice.

The specially designed handset gives voice direction for all functions and the embedded voice sensor and text-to-speech converter serve the convenience of print-disabled mobile users, according to the company. To access DTB Library server, users only have to follow the voice guide.

The handset supports Bluetooth headsets and features data transmission with other Bluetooth devices. It also works as a walkie-talkie, exchanging signals among the handsets of the same model within a 100m range. MicroSD, multi-tasking, remote control for TV and the subway map are also important features that the reading phone provides."   (Continued via TelecomsKorea)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Reading Phone - Ergonomics

Reading Phone

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