Monday, September 04, 2006

Make work atmosphere like home

We talk about the ergonomics of the home office. Now we are talking about bringing the home environment to work ...

"You can't stand clutter at home, but it dominates your office. You collect art but never hang it at work. You feel best at the house but spend most your waking hours on the job.

If any these statements sound familiar, it might be time for an office makeover.

"I think, definitely, mood and productivity are affected by environment," said Beth Miller, associate professor and director of the interior design program at Mississippi State University. "You do need an area where you can put up personal objects, be able to bring plants in - that's important. And ergonomics makes a big difference. If your chair isn't comfortable, you're going to be sore and not as productive."

A national study this year by global architect-and-design firm Gensler found that 21 percent of office workers say they'd be more productive in a better environment. And while not all of them have the luxury of modern building facilities replete with natural lighting and happy amenities, most have bosses kind enough to let them personalize their existing work space - be it the cramped cubical or the coveted office with a view.

"Organization is the main thing," said Connie Morgan, designer at Staggs Interiors in Tupelo. "Make a list of everything you need and find a place for it."   (Continued via   [Ergonomics Resources]

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