Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Microsoft tries a new model for device team

Matching the workplace with the job ...

"With long, shared desks and a wide-open interior, one work space at Microsoft is an unexpected sight inside a company that has traditionally championed individual offices.

But the unusual aspects don't end there. The design team that works in the space spends part of its time generating new hardware concepts for mobile phones and other devices, not limiting itself to Microsoft's customary focus on software. It also studies user behavior and works on design from the outset of product development -- not as a procedural afterthought.

"A team that has fun builds fun products," explains Horace Luke, 36, the creative director who leads the group, the User Experience Team, within the company's Mobile and Embedded Devices division.

Is this a glimpse of Microsoft's future? Not necessarily, but it's an example of the company's increasing willingness to selectively depart from its traditional approaches -- especially as it moves into new markets and runs into dominant competitors.

... The company is trying to "create a wider variety of workplace designs to align with the specific businesses of the groups that will occupy the spaces," said Lou Gellos, a Microsoft spokesman. The company is testing different concepts in six locations."   (Continued via Software Notebook)   [Ergonomics Resources]

Design Team Workplace - Ergonomics

Design Team Workplace

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