Saturday, October 28, 2006

9 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy…And Be A Happier Person

Using ergonomics to make your body work for you ...

"An article in with an accompanying slideshow titled “9 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy” really impressed me. It is really about ergonomics–making your body work for you by working in harmony with it instead of fighting against it. The main points: be comfortable, get enough rest, and eat what you body needs. Why is this so hard? I think partially because we want to act like machines instead of humans. We want to push ourselves to the limits until we are broken. Why? Let’s let machines do that so we don’t have to…isn’t that supposed to be the point of technology? If technology doesn’t make our lives better, (in a physical and emotional sense, not a material one) then what is the point?

... How you sit at work can have a big impact on your body. Peter Budnick, Ph.D., founder and president of Ergoweb, says your hands and eyes drive posture, since they dictate where you place your computer. So, make sure your keyboard, mouse and chair face your monitor, with the keyboard and mouse level and within easy reach. He suggests experimenting to find a good screen viewing distance and adjusting the text size to match your vision. Also, avoid using bifocals while at the computer, so you’re not tilting your head to see."    (Continued via The Ergonomenon)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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