Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rearrange your workspace

Tips for setting up a workplace ...

"One easy way to lessen your risk of injury is to get the right chair (or adjust the one you have) and set up your hardware correctly. But while most ergonomists concur that certain arrangements are particularly hazardous, they don’t always agree on what’s best. That makes it difficult to suggest a perfect setup, so consider these recommendations as guidelines. As you read, refer to the illustration.

Customize your chair
Your chair determines the posture of your back, arms, and legs, so finding one that fits your body size is essential. Office chairs run the gamut, from economical models with a few adjustable features to thousand-dollar seats that sport more levers and buttons than a 747’s cockpit. Here are some things to pay attention to, whether you’re buying a chair or customizing your current seat:

A. Back Support The seat’s back should be tall enough to support at least your lower and middle back, especially in the lumbar area (the lower part that curves inward). Also, make sure it tilts forward and backward. Adjust the back so that the angle between your trunk and legs is a bit more than 90 degrees."    (Continued via Macworld)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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