Friday, October 27, 2006

Trackbar Emotion Offers Solution to the “Type and Reach”

A review of some ergonomic products ...

"Type, reach, scroll, click, scroll, click, reach, type, reach, scroll, click, repeat. No matter what you’re doing on the computer all day, your hands are repeating a series of motions like these hundreds of times throughout the day. The constant reaching back and forth between the mouse and keyboard not only slows down your work, it also strains your hands and arms, which can cause carpal tunnel and other RSIs.

No matter how ergonomically designed a mouse is, if it still requires reaching, it does not solve the problem. I currently use the Logitech Marble Mouse, which offers me some relief from the pain I feel using a standard mouse, but not much.

So, being in the market for a new mouse, I was excited to try the Trackbar Emotion at the HFES exibition in San Francisco. The Trackbar Emotion is made by the Swedish company, Euro Office, and has only just recently been available in the US. The basic concept of the Trackbar is based on a principle recommended by European doctors called the Centered Pointing Device Method, which reduces strain on the arms and hands by eliminating the need to reach back and forth between the keyboard and mouse. Instead, the Trackbar is centered right at the base of the keyboard and your palms rest on the smooth, sweat-resistant surface as you type."    (Continued via The Ergonomenon)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Trackbar Emotion - Ergonomics

Trackbar Emotion

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