Monday, October 16, 2006

What's Cooking

Kitchen appliances becoming easier to use, safer, and more attractive ...

"Technology is everywhere, and no where is that more apparent than in the kitchen. Advancements in appliances in recent years have been sending designers and their clients toward a future that is already here. These advancements allow consumers to cook faster, keep food fresher longer, and track groceries and supplies, all while seamlessly blending into a serene, efficient setting that is the backdrop for a family’s daily flurry of activity.

Indeed, Jennifer Uihlein Straszewski, executive v.p. for U-Line Corp. in Milwaukee, WI, notes that today’s kitchen appliances “no longer simply chill, or cook, or clean.”

... Technological advances continue to impress consumers – as long as they look good and are easy to understand and use.

“New interfaces,” says Chris Kaeser, executive v.p. for sales and marketing for Ultra 8 International in Las Vegas, NV, “allow industrial designers to do things in an effort to promote style as much as function.”

Kaeser cites the example of touch-through stainless steel control buttons. “This is really great because now there is no need for ugly dials or buttons that can junk up the product’s look,” he adds.

“We’ve learned that it’s not enough to design a great product and rest on our laurels; we need to go above and beyond with the functional details, as well,” says Swenson.

Manufacturers are going that extra mile to develop appliance controls that improve the whole kitchen experience. As an example, Swenson points to control panels that light up on command and “go dark” when not in use."    (Continued via Kitchen And Bath Design News)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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