Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ergonomic Travel Tips

The ergonomics of travel ...

"The holiday travel season upon us. Lines, crowds, heavy luggage, uncomfortable airplanes, traffic…you are familiar with the horror and chaos that awaits you.

Here are a few tips to make your travels a little bit more comfortable:

Good luggage makes a big difference. Look for lightweight, durable luggage with extending handles and good wheels. Check out the travel tow, a handle attachment that can improve the ergonomics of any luggage on wheels

If you have to lug along your laptop with your carry on, try using a backpack instead of a shoulder bag. Backpacks distribute the weight evenly on both sides instead of overly straining your shoulder and neck

Only carry the essentials. Try thinning down to some magazines, sudoku or crosswords and an ipod instead of books, laptops, and dvd players

When in flight, prop your feet up on your carry on bag to improve circultation and decrease muscle strain

Place a small pillow or blanket in the lumbar region of your back to help reduce back strain

If you have a tendency to fall asleep with head on your shoulder, use a pillow. Those “U-shaped” travel pillows that fit around your neck can also help. If you want to really pamper yourself, try the tempurpedic travel pillow

If you insist on using a laptop during flight, try placing it on a pillow or laptop stand on your lap. For most people the pull-down tray is located at a height much higher than their seated elbow height, which causes awkward hand and wrist postures while typing

Get some exercize! Here are few exercizes suggested by ehow to loosen up and keep your blood flowing while on the plane or in the airport:

STEP 1: Squeeze a tennis ball, a racquetball or even a pair of socks with your hands until they’re tired.

STEP 2: Keep the balls of your feet planted and raise your legs using your calf muscles. If this is too easy, place your carry-on bag on your knees. Continue until tired."    (Continued via Ergonomenon)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Airport Crowd - Ergonomics

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