Sunday, November 26, 2006

The official fact about backaches

The effects of public transportation on backaches ...

"Backaches caused by rides on public transportation and long hours before computers coupled with smoking and drinking are the main reason for absences from work among urban Indian youth, a study has said.

Backaches are the chief reason for the absence of workers that accounts for losses of several million man-hours, the study commissioned by the makers of Iodex, a pain relieving balm, and the NGO Health India.

The report says backache, once thought to affect people at the age of 40 years, is now increasingly being reported among the youth.

"Public transport is the predominant cause for backache among working individuals in major metros along with sitting for long hours in front of the computer," said Dev Mehra, Executive Director of Health India, which surveyed work places in Mumbai and Delhi, covering over 100 people.

He said sudden jerks or movements during travel can result in back pain.

"The problem was considered to affect people after the age of 40, but now increasingly young people are complaining of back problems. Poor ergonomics at the workplace is one of the causes of the problem," he said."    (Continued via CNN-IBN)    [Ergonomics Resources]

The Backache - Ergonomics

The Backache

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