Sunday, November 12, 2006

Researchers Find Evidence For Traumatic Cause Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Getting to the causation of carpal tunnel syndrome ...

"New Mayo Clinic research suggests that a shearing injury of the tissue that lines the tendons within the carpal tunnel may cause carpal tunnel syndrome, a debilitating condition of the wrist and hand. If validated by further research, Mayo's study comparing electron microscope images of carpal tunnel syndrome tissue with those from normal tissue could lead to earlier diagnosis and possibly better treatments for preventing or reversing carpal tunnel syndrome.

... While rest, exercise and some medications can treat carpal tunnel syndrome, severe carpal tunnel syndrome is commonly treated surgically to release the pressure buildup.

The study did not specifically probe the cause of the shearing injuries, but Dr. Amadio says the team is researching the role of trauma or stress to the tissue lining from repeated finger movements. "Such shearing injuries could be the result of marked or repetitive differential motion of adjacent digits, and may support the hypothesis of a traumatic cause for carpal tunnel syndrome," he says."    (Continued via ScienceDaily)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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