Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ergonomic Marketing: What Is It and How Is It Applied?

Using ergonomic design to sell products ...

"I have often wondered why most people continue to use the same old keyboards, mice, and office chairs (and other products) despite the availability of ergonomically designed products that could possibly prevent injury and alleviate pain.

At first I thought it was because of the higher price tag of many ergonomic products, a lack of awareness that they exist, or a disbelief that they are really better.

After reading a Usernomics article on Ergonomic Marketing, I realized the most obvious thing I had failed to think about: Marketability. You can’t just design an ergonomic keyboard that will eliminate pain and injury and expect everyone to run out and buy one. Ergonomic products have to be designed with marketability in mind as well.

Car makers don’t just try to design the safest car ever with no regard for aesthetics and how people will interact with the car pyscologically and emotionally. Shouldn’t the design of ergonomic products consider these factors too?

Excerpt from Usernomics article:

Neither ergonomics alone, nor engineering alone, will ensure a products’ success. Attention must also be given to design characteristics that influence marketability.

Designing with Ergonomic Marketing as an objective is quite compatible with designing for usability. Making a product easy-to-use and aesthetically appealing are part of the Ergonomic Marketing component. Achieving market acceptance and subsequent sales is a matter of attending to a few additional variables in the User Interface Design process."    (Continued via Ergonomenon)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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