Sunday, December 31, 2006

Microsoft Habu Laser Gaming Mouse: MS Steps It Up A Notch

A new ergonomic mouse for gaming and everyday applications ...

"Microsoft takes it up a notch and then some with their yet to be released Habu Laser Gaming Mouse. The lads at MS have teamed up with the boys from Razer to create this new gaming mouse. Featuring up to 2000 DPI sensitivity, high-speed motion detection and comfortable ergonomic design, even a Mac user like myself would have to concede that Microsoft make really great computer mice. They've even slapped on some Teflon on the bottom of this thing for an ultra smooth glide. The only thing left to do is convince the boss that with all these great new features, you'll be able to open up word documents faster and create more accurate spreadsheets!"    (Continued via Mr.Gadget Australia)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Habu Gaming Mouse - Ergonomics

Habu Gaming Mouse

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