Monday, December 04, 2006

"Move It" for computer crazy kids

New program to get kids away from computer screen - includes video ...

"Prolonged computer sessions coupled with poor posture is proving a bad mix for over a quarter of today's computer bound children.

"Aches and pains, and muscularskelotal problems in school children is fairly prevalent," says ergonomics expert Professor Stephen Legg.

So a stay-at-home mum is trying to solve the problem.

"Kids are spending 15 years or more on computers before they get into the workforce and that's a long time for them to start forming bad habits," says concerned mother Brenda Buchanan.

So she has developed a computer program that teaches kids better habits in the hope that it will decrease their chances of getting work related injuries later in life.

The program is called "Move It" and it emphasises the importance of changing position regularly and getting the right support."    (Continued via tvnz)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Move It - Ergonomics

Move It

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