Thursday, December 07, 2006

Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI advice from an injured computer user ...

... "Now I'm sure we've all skim-read the horrendous-sounding warnings on the incorrect use of keyboards and mice. My MS keyboard has almost the whole of its back taken up with an essay on the subject of ergonomics with nasty bits in bold. However I tend to pay as much attention to these as I do to the average manual. Which is not a lot.

... However, in my mind, RSI was a disorder that one would get over a period of many years of poor working practices, rather than a short burst of doing something silly.

Well, up until this point, I have had no problems, and rarely was in any discomfort while using a PC and therefore, I didn't think twice about using a "desk" about 12 inches too low (an Ikea hifi cabinet), nor about sitting on the world's least practical office chair: the edge of my bed. After all it was just going to be for a few days.

... Experts who I have seen have all generally agreed on the following:

• Bodies aren't really designed to use computers.
• RSI is not understood very well. It's a loose term used to describe many different problems that tend to go together, and are caused by similar things.
• There's not a whole amount anybody can do about it when you get it.
• You need to rest. Really.
• Bad physiotherapy will make it worse.
• If you're young, and don't have a history of musculo-skeletal problems, you stand a better chance of getting better.
• Here's the bill, see you again next week for some more repackaged common sense."    (Continued via Inquirer)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Microsoft Keyboard Ergonomics Warning - Ergonomics

Microsoft Keyboard Ergonomics Warning

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Anonymous Gregg Williams said...

Hi! I have a substantial RSI injury and have learned how to combine technologies so that I can use a PC or Mac computer virtually hands-free. I've written a document describing the system that works for me. You can find it at

Believe me, RSI injuries can limit not only your ability to use a computer, but also to drive or to pick up everyday objects. Take all the warning signs seriously, see your doctor immediately, and report your symptoms immediately as a workplace injury. Good luck!

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