Saturday, January 06, 2007

Are You Fitting the Job to the Worker?

Tips for fitting the job to the worker ...

"Keeping your employees free from ergonomics-related risks is a big problem for employers in many industries, as well as construction.

The following list of questions is a good starting point to help you determine if you are, as you should be, fitting the job to the workers. The list was compiled by Oregon's Ergonomics in Construction program.

• How is the work planned and organized so materials are handled, moved, or carried minimum distances and numbers of times?
• How are access paths and walkways kept level, clear, and slip-resistant to prevent slips and falls?
• How can the work be set up so it can be performed above the knees and below the shoulders?
• How can the work be done in a sitting position to prevent prolonged standing, stooping, kneeling, or squatting?
• For repetitive or long-duration jobs, can workers take breaks or trade off doing different jobs?
• Is material-handling equipment (like forklifts, cranes, hoists, pallet jacks, or carts) available to move heavy loads?
• How are powered and nonpowered hand tools selected and maintained to reduce awkward postures, forceful exertions, contact stresses, and vibration?"    (Continued via Safety BLR)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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