Sunday, January 14, 2007

Safety First - The safe-workplace association for health and community care employees welcomes the SARS Commission Report

Workplace Safety recommendations from SARS Commission ...

"OSACH, the Ontario Safety Association for Community & Healthcare, enthusiastically endorses Justice Archie Campbell's astute identification of systemic occupational health and safety issues in the SARS Commission Report. These include:

- Putting safety first
- Recognizing the need for a seamless effort linking occupational
health and safety and infection control
- Recommending that the Ministry of Labour take the lead role to set and
inforce safe work polices and standards
- Strengthening legislation around accountability and authority
- Perhaps most importantly, following "the precautionary principle that
reasonable action to reduce risk should not await scientific

"We fully support Justice Campbell's recommendation that in building a culture of safety, the health care system must work collaboratively," says Joseline Sikorski, OSACH President and CEO. "One of OSACH's most important roles in the past three years has been to forge linkages with the Ministries of Labour and Health, as well as key players in worker safety including unions, associations and accreditation bodies. We see this as critical in a system-wide commitment to integrate occupational health and safety and infection control practices in the efforts to reduce workplace injury, illness and disease."    (Continued via CNW Group)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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