Monday, January 08, 2007

Turn Your Car Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Is this a good thing from an accident prevention viewpoint? ...

"New technology will soon let car passengers check email, surf the web, game or communicate via any Wi-Fi-enabled device.

The era of permanent internet connectivity comes a step closer next week when Autonet Mobile launches its new wireless service that turns any car into a WiFi Hotspot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company also plans to announce an agreement with a world leading car rental company to offer a portable, wireless Internet service by the end of the first quarter. With the first Wireless Broadband Mobile Network, Autonet Mobile is bringing a new Internet media center to vehicles by letting passengers check email, surf the web, game or communicate via any WiFi-enabled device. The service is optimized for the in-car experience, and is specifically designed to work on 95 percent of U.S. roads, regardless of driving conditions or location. Simply plug the unit into a cigarette lighter or standard wall plug and go. The Autonet Mobile Unit is priced to retail at US$399 with a monthly service charge of US$49 and turns your car into a secure mobile hotspot, allowing multiple WiFi-enabled devices to connect, and giving passengers unparalleled access to data, music, games, chat, and anything else they might like to access in their second home--the car. Moreover, the device can easily be removed from the car and put into a small bag. Thus, users can shuttle between the car and a residence, hotel or vacation spot, extending the usability of the Autonet Mobile Service beyond the car. For business travelers, families on vacation or couples on the go, bringing connectivity out of the car and into the hotel room is an additional benefit.

Autonet Mobile's patent pending TRU Technology enables seamless Internet connectivity so that passengers stay connected while driving. TRU Technology provides intelligent, dynamic automatic session management between high/low speed networks, producing a reliable user experience. The Autonet Mobile Service ensures a secure, broadband-level connection to any WiFi-enabled device within close proximity to the vehicle."    (Continued via Business Week)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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