Tuesday, January 23, 2007

UD researchers seen as innovators of iPhone

A new kind of touch screen ...

"At one point, John Elias and Wayne Westerman were happy to be thrilling a few wide-eyed students in Newark classrooms with their electronic gadgets.

Today, the researchers who once worked together at the University of Delaware are the subject of global speculation, the objects of geeky adoration, and apparently are positioned nicely on the next wave of high-tech development.

The technology they developed a few years ago at UD is now -- in the opinion of former co-workers and enlightened strangers alike -- helping to drive Apple Co.'s key breakthrough in its new iPhone. The pair have left behind their class schedules, sold the company they founded, and been hired to work in the secretive California headquarters of Apple itself, suddenly elevated from the staid halls of academia to the cutting edge of multibillion-dollar business.

In the meantime, the ripples created by their advances in technology continue to reverberate even outside of Apple, sustaining an excitement and a demand for the products they created, long after their company closed and the technology fell into Apple's hands.

The wonder lies in an entirely new way of controlling computers, cell phones and other electronic devices, saving time and smoothing their functionality."    (Continued via delawareonline)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Fingerworks Touch Screen - Ergonomics

Fingerworks Touch Screen

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