Thursday, February 22, 2007

Futuristic Workstation Moves Freely in Space

Can this work for everyday use? ...

"The Gravitonus Ergonomic Workstation may be just what you've been looking for. Forget those cumbersome chair/desk/computer combos you've been looking at. This Space Age system is designed to keep you comfortable while you're "piloting" your way into the future.

Whether you are working, blogging or gaming, the system will improve your health and productivity, it's inventors claim.

The Gravitonus workstation was created by a group of researchers involved in medical research for spinal cord injury. The system is designed to provide optimum ergonomic conditions for general computer users, as well as patients with loss of function. Good ergonomics promote good productivity by keeping users comfortable and healthy.

The Gravitonus system allows the user to move freely in space. Like any good gaming system, it constantly orients the user relative to the user's Earth Gravitational Field. (What, your gaming system doesn't?) The Gravitonus system comes with an on-board computer that constantly analyzes the position of the user's body, measuring local temperature and pressure for different body parts, and gently rotates the frame accordingly."    (Continued via Yahoo! News)    [Usability Resources]

The Gravitonus Chair - Usability, User Interface Design

The Gravitonus Chair

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