Thursday, March 08, 2007

Making Gardening Good Again

Ergonomics tips and products for injury free gardening ...

"It's more than a little frustrating. You envisioned a relaxing evening watering your garden, checking on plants and enjoying the warm weather. Instead, you've been wrestling with the hose for 10 minutes and finally have it in place only to discover that you have dirt from the hose on your hands and clothes and now a kink is prohibiting the water flow, resulting in a slow drip. Once you resolve the issue, instead of relaxing, you find yourself dreading winding the hose back up when you finish watering. Sound familiar?

"Rewinding the hose is one of those things that people just hate to do," says Ken Bevillard, vice president of North American Business for Hydro-Industries.

They hate it so much, in fact, that many homeowners develop counter-productive coping strategies to avoid dealing with the hose. Either they leave the hose lying in the lawn creating those tell-tale ugly yellow snake-like paths on the turf where grass dies out or they forego recommended watering practices altogether. A summertime of this neglect will eventually cause your lawn and garden to die out altogether, costing you thousands in lawn and garden renovation and replacement.These aggravations have had ergonomics experts searching for solutions. The result: products that are designed to eliminate the hassle of watering, while making gardening what you want it to be - easier and enjoyable. Products like the No-Crank Hose Reel, which will rewind your water hose with the flip of a lever, accomplish that. Instead of using muscle-power to wind up the hose, No-Crank uses water pressure to power a three-piston engine that automates the hose retraction, eliminating the stress and frustration associated with manual hose rewinding.

Don't confuse the new automated hose reels with the you-crank reels of the past. With these, there is absolutely no cranking involved, and no trying to ensure that the hose rolls up evenly by manually pushing each row in place on the reel. Depending on your needs, there are several No-Crank models available with different features, including a swivel base that lets you easily pull the hose in any direction; an auto-sort guide that ensures the hose rewinds perfectly and evenly every time; a tow-and-go handle and a built-in wheel that lets you move the reel from the front to the back of the house or wherever you need to water; and reels that hold up to 150 feet of hose to allow for maximum reach."    (Continued via Star)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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