Monday, April 02, 2007

Handle all Your Bags

Carrying more packages with less strain ...

"The Grabby Factory is gearing up its production of their unique product. The Grabby is an ingenious handle with a Trademarked design made of a super strong micro-polymer material that simply will not fail. It is the answer to a problem that we all face daily as we juggle the mountain of packages and other items we carry to our car, into the house, onto the bus and into high-rise buildings.

The Grabby allows a mother to carry 10 grocery bags in one hand and a baby carrier, or toddler’s hand, in the other. Because of the design, the Grabby and bags can be placed in the trunk or on the floorboard then retrieved with a single handed motion without losing a bag.

Anthony Crosby, president of The Grabby Factory says, “Although we can’t relieve the pain felt at the cash register, we can definitely eliminate the pain felt carrying all of those purchases from store to store and then to the car. Mr. Crosby goes on to say that the Grabby is essential not only for moms, but also for dads hauling tools and supplies from their favorite retailer to the truck and into the house without making repeated trips.

The Grabby makes the challenge of carrying numerous packages while using public transportation manageable and comfortable. It is essential for seniors or anyone suffering with arthritis. When asked how to purchase the Grabby, Mr. Crosby replied that you may visit their website He says, “With our large selection of designs, you can’t order just one – and they make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for family and friends."    (Continued via ClickPress)    [Ergonomics Resources]

The Grabby - Ergonomics

The Grabby

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