Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kids & Computers

Part II of avoiding RSI with kids ...

"What can we do to prevent RSI pain in our children?

Provide children the skills to understand what is good for their bodies so they can make good choices for themselves.

Teach healthy computer habits which can be carried into adulthood.

Encourage physical activity. Children who exercised during breaks from computer use had fewer pain complaints then those who were sedentary.

Encourage healthy habits including drinking plenty of water for tissue hydration and eating a variety of nutritious foods.

Computer Comfort for Children

Chairs should be adjustable allowing for easy changes due to growth spurts or for a number of users varying in age and body size range.

The best chairs should have adjustability for chair seat height and depth. The back of the chair (providing lumbar support) should be able to be pushed forward. If the chair is not adjustable, use pillows or cushions to raise the child to the appropriate height.

The child should be able to be positioned so that his eyes are level with the top of the monitor screen. The monitor should be placed directly in front of the child at about an arm's distance away (about 12-14 inches) to prevent eye and neck strain."    (Continued via Bella Online)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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