Monday, April 30, 2007

One In Three Employees Exaggerate Sickness To Get Time Off

Getting a grip on increasing absences due to sickness ...

"New research into the increasing problem of sickness absence by UK experts in workplace issues, Croner has revealed a huge discrepancy between what employers and employees deem to be acceptable reasons for calling in sick.

Although recent research by the CBI and AXA suggests that 21 million working days are lost a year, it seems Britain’s bosses are continuing to be sympathetic with their workforce when it comes to sickness absence.

Employers and employees were asked in a Croner survey what they considered to be acceptable reasons for phoning in sick.

91% of employers felt that cold and flu was a suitable reason as opposed to 81% of employees. Similarly, 77% of employers considered migraines to be a reasonable reason for calling in sick compared to 65% of employees.

Surprisingly though, when questioned further, one in three British workers admitted to exaggerating their sickness to justify taking time off work despite having such understanding bosses.

These findings point to either a lack of comprehensive workplace sickness policies, or if those policies are in place, how they are communicated to employees.

In light of the confusion Croner is advising businesses to implement policies to encourage frequent communication, including back-to-work interviews, and consideration of individual circumstances."    (Continued via    [Ergonomics Resources]

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