Monday, May 21, 2007

A Review of Ergonomically-Designed Pens

An ergonomic assessment of several pens now available ...

"Dr. Grip

Pilot produced the Dr. Grip pen, the first ergonomically-designed pen available to the general market, in 1995. The Dr. Grip is designed to relieve writing stress and fatigue for those with disabilities that impact writing ability (for example: arthritis, repetitive strain injuries). It is a wide-barreled pen with a cushioned, soft-rubber grip. The larger grip reduces the amount of force needed to hold the pen. The rubber provides a bit of traction that also reduces the force needed to hold the pen. This pen is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation for Ease-of-Use. It is available in a ballpoint pen, gel-ink pen, rolling ball pen, mechanical pencil, and multi-function (combined mechanical pencil and retractable ball-point pen).

PRO - This is a standard, stick-style pen modified for comfort with a wide barrel and a soft, rubber grip. Its design reduces writing fatigue and stress. The Dr. Grip is readily available in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Refills are standard and easily available. The cost of the Dr. Grip pen has come down since its introduction to mid-range.

CON – This is a good, gold-standard pen. If you are in the market for a stick-style, ergonomically-designed pen, there are no cons associated with the Dr. Grip."    (Continued via Bella Online)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Dr. Grip - Ergonomics

Dr. Grip

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