Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kinesis Introduces Revolutionary, New Ergonomic Keyboard, the Freestyle

A new idea for an ergonomic keyboard ...

"Kinesis Corporation, the leading innovator of ergonomic computer input devices, announces the launch of the Freestyle Convertible keyboard. The Freestyle design incorporates two years of intensive research including input from both ergonomists and health professionals. The result is the first mainstream ergonomic keyboard to offer interchangeable configurations accommodating the needs of each user.

The Freestyle family consists of the Freestyle Solo™ keyboard, plus the Freestyle Incline™ and Freestyle VIP™ accessory kits. Each may be purchased separately to allow individuals and organizations to choose the features best suited for each person.

Freestyle Solo

The heart of the Freestyle lineup is the Solo keyboard. A traditional but compact key layout makes adaptation a breeze, but that's where traditional keyboard design ends. The Solo consists of two keying modules connected together by the flexible Pivot Tether™, which allows infinite adjustment of the front opening angle (splay). Removing the Pivot Tether allows the two modules to completely separate up to six inches, accommodating a range of shoulder widths (optional model provides 20 inch separation). Other features include:

-- Driverless hot keys replacing mouse-intensive actions.
-- Low-profile design to promote neutral wrist posture.
-- Narrow footprint allowing closer reach of a mouse.
-- Embedded 10-key with status LED. A separate 10-key is available for
intensive number crunchers.
-- Double wide Escape, Delete, and Backspace keys for faster editing.
-- Quiet and tactile key switches."    (Continued via Yahoo! Finance)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Freestyle Keyboard - Ergonomics

Freestyle Keyboard

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