Friday, June 22, 2007

New Logitech Laptop Stands and a Cool New Contributor!

RSI help with Logitech's new laptop stand ...

"I’ll start with the new contributor since that’s me and I love talking about myself.

Adria asked me to join the Ergonomenon team to help deepen some of the great posting that’s been going on, help reach out to all the readers (who we cherish and don’t get to spend enough time responding to!), as well as add something that even after a million years Adria could not provide: a dude’s perspective.

That being said, let’s get to the gadgets!

I’ve been using the ilap laptop stand for some time. I had been relegated by my employer to a laptop for all work. After a couple of months, I found I had a severely weakened wrist (from cramming it at a weird angle to use the “convenient” mouse pad) as well as unusually sore.

... So, with the unveiling of Logitech’s new Alto line, I have to admit I’m quite excited to give them a whirl.

... As you can see, these stands will definitely raise the computer screen to a natural eye level—which is probably more important than some realize for reducing back strain. Also, the angle—and I think there’s a bit of passive aggressive design here—insists that people use a peripheral keyboard and mouse since nobody could comfortably pound out a report or even a short email with the keyboard at that angle."    (Continued via Ergonomenon)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Alto Express Notebook Stand - Ergonomics

Alto Express Notebook Stand

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