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Designing Effective Machine Safety Signs

Creating effective signage for workplace safety ...

"Safety signs are an important part of risk reduction for machinery – they are intended to identify and warn against specific hazards. They also may describe safety precautions, advise evasive actions to take or provide other directions to eliminate or reduce hazards.

When designing machine safety signs, it is important to use a consistent visual layout along with a uniform system for the recognition of potential personal-injury hazards. This will help to effectively communicate hazard information.

For safety signs that will be used on machines in the United States, the best standards to reference are ANSI Z535.4-2007, Product Safety Signs and Labels; ANSI Z535.3-2002, Criteria for Safety Symbols; and ANSI Z535.1-2006, Safety Colors. Together, these standards contain the information needed to specify formats, colors and symbols for machine safety signs. They also provide information on widely recognized principles that can aid in the development of effective safety signs.

ANSI Z535 standards can be purchased online at

Types of Panels

A machine safety sign usually consists of three types of panels: a signal-word panel, a message panel and a safety-symbol panel.

1. Signal-Word Panel

The signal-word panel is the area of a machine safety sign that contains the safety alert symbol (exclamation point inside an equilateral triangle) followed by the signal word. The signal word is the word that calls attention to the safety sign and designates the hazard classification. This classification is based on the probability of being injured if the hazard is not avoided and on the severity of the resulting injury.

For machinery, the three hazard classifications are designated by the signal words “DANGER,” “WARNING” and “CAUTION.” Annex E of ANSI Z535.4-2007 provides excellent guidance for estimating risk and selecting a signal word. ANSI Z535.1-2006 provides technical definitions, color standards and color tolerances for the safety colors specified for the signal-word panel by ANSI Z535.4-2007."    (Continued via Occupational Hazards)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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