Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ergonomics is all about equipment

Need the right equipment for ergonomics to work ...

"I’m not putting that title down lightly. Check this study out.

Now check this article; it’s something I come across a half-dozen times a day. (EXEC Summary: posture affects productivity and general body pain)
Going back to the first study…

From what I can gather, all the ergonomic knowledge in the world isn’t going to make a pinch of difference if the proper equipment isn’t in place.

At first impression, this might seem counter-intuitive but it’s really not.

Think about it:

If you know that a million dollars would make a big difference in your personal finances and still don’t have the $$, what difference would the million dollars have on your life? (correct answer is none; caveat: unless knowledge is propelling you to seek out and actualize that knowledge).

“But this isn’t about money! This is about ergonomics. Knowing that taking breaks and setting the monitor to be at the correct angle is important, and knowing that, people will take action to have those small adjustments in place.”

Maybe that’s not what you’re thinking but that’s what I was thinking at first.

But being really honestly with myself, I realize that’s just not the case. I do make an attempt at adjusting position throughout the day and taking mini-breaks but it just doesn’t cut it. And that jives with the study…

In the study, participants used a “highly adjustable chair” (and what with science trying to be unbiased they may have omitted “LEAP chair” on purpose), but because this was pointed out to me by the primary vendors of LEAP, I’ll give them the nod. I have yet to try the chair out so I can’t speak from personal experience but the chair itself looks pretty sound.

"    (Continued via The Ergonomenon)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Mirra Chair - Ergonomics

Mirra Chair

Check-out the Mirra Chair.

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