Saturday, July 28, 2007

Why Ergonomics is Not a Crock

A little reason shed about a previous ergonomics article ...

"Lance Ulanoff in his latest column makes a bold statement: Ergonomics is a Crock. He goes on to say that "Comfort, ease, and even corporate napping are turning us all into a bunch of wimps." I agree that corporate napping is total bs and just won't work in a non-siesta country.

But to say ergonomics is making us wimps? I beg to differ. In my mind, ergonomics is more about good posture and overall good health. A few months ago, a mysterious pain hit me in the shoulder blade and only got worse with time. A visit to the doctor revealed I had something called--no joke--Radiculopathy. In laymen's terms that means a disk had slipped in my neck and was pinching a nerve that was causing to pain to shoot all the way down my arm. This was most likely due to poor posture coupled with an uncomfortable workspace, my physical therapist pointed out. Since then, I've been very aware of my posture, and have adjusted my chair, keyboard, and monitor. And guess what--I couldn't feel better. And I'm not a wimp either! I don't have an ergonomic keyboard yet, but as a former pianist, proper hand position has been drilled into me.

Clearly, ergonomic keyboards, particularly split keyboards, are not meant for hunters and peckers like Lance, but I don't doubt that he could benefit from some small ergonomic adjustments in his office. Beware the Radiculopathy, Lance."    (Continued via Gearlog)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard - Ergonomics

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

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