Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Do you know your website users are also color Blind?

Are people missing information from your website? ...

"We all create website with lots of funky colors and images to make site look cool & energetic. Do you know that certain percentage of your website users are also color blinds, means they cannot differentiate between few colors. Almost 10% of male users experience color vision deficiency (compared with 0.4% of females).

Its a myth that color blind don't see colors and they see only black and white. But fact is the most common form of color blindness abnormalities is characterized by an inability to distinguish between Red and Green hues.

... For Example: On the image on right, if you could able to read the number "26" that means you are not color blind. Few specific type of color blind can't read 2 and some can't red 6 or few color can't see any number at all. This Plate isdesigned as a Test for Colour-Deficiency by Shinobu Ishihara M.D. which is the accepted standardized color blindness test.

Like wise you should be in a position to read the numbers 12 & x from below images that means you are fine. But in this world 10% of male population can't read this. Are you surprised about this fact? But there is also another interesting fact that only less than 1% of women will have color blind deficiency."    (Continued via Suggest Usability)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Colorblind Wheel - Ergonomics

Colorblind Wheel

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