Sunday, August 19, 2007

How To Ensure That Your Working Environment Is Comfortable

Tips for improving your ergonomic office ...

"Being stuck in your office cubicle for a huge amount of time every day doesn't really mean that you have to experience discomfort, stand prone to risk or suffer from injuries. You can create an ergonomic working environment quite easily and avoid any work related injuries or discomfiture.

If you’re trying to create that proper working environment, you should take note of these three issues:

The Chair.

Because you sit on a chair while you work, it is easily the most important part of your office environment. You should always make sure that you use a chair that has supports for your back and allows you to adjust it to meet your height and weight requirements. If it has stability balls then it also makes a perfect option for those looking for a chair with complete flexibility and maneuverability options.

The Lighting.

Unnnecessary eyestrain can result in office-related stress symptoms. The area that you work in should be properly lit and your computer screen should be glare-free. If you have to place a separate light in your cubicle then you can take time out and do that as well.

The Posture.

Your sitting position can have a direct relation with the way that you feel when each day ends. You should always endeavor to sit up and with your elbows and knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Your feet in turn should always rest flatly on the floor and if they happen to be bent at more than 90 degrees, your desk height will need adjusting. If your desk height is too high then you may have to consider making use of a footrest to get the proper posture you need.

People who aren’t really bothered by any risks of workplace injury can still make their days a whole lot more comfortable by doing the right thing and placing designs that are ergonomic in their office spaces. You can try any of the following to succeed in having a day that is not stressful and uncomfortable."    (Continued via eZine Articles)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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