Monday, August 13, 2007

The Updated Irish Health and Safety Handbook

Updated health and safety book includes ergonomics ...

"Health and safety in the workplace is increasingly a central concern of all businesses, regardless of the size or nature of its activities. Irish and EU legislation has brought with it new considerations for organisations, and a growing body of research on how the working environment can affect staff, productivity and ultimately profit places health and safety issues firmly on the corporate/board room agenda.

The updated Irish Health and Safety Handbook deals comprehensively with these issues on an Irish and European context. Providing thorough and up-to-date information, it covers all aspects of health and safety theory and practice including its relationship to the external environment. It incorporates the latest legislative changes and cases, dealing with a safe workplace, work equipment, personal protective equipment, manual handling, display screen equipment, stress, management of waste, sexual harassment and the regulation of working hours.

Part One outlines the legal aspects of health and safety and the environment at work. It focuses on practical considerations and management systems for ensuring a healthy workplace and environment.

Part Two focuses on the behavioural aspects of health and safety and gives detailed treatment to issues relating to workplace and workspace design, ergonomics, human factors and safety culture.

Part Three focuses on the management of health and safety and addresses systems for actively managing safety, including safety statements, risk management and loss control, and environment and safety audits.

Part Four focuses on the area of risk management, its application to health and safety and the range of risk management techniques available to the health & safety specialist.

Part Five focuses on the occupational health, hygiene and the management of stress. It considers contemporary issues within occupational health such as smoking, alcohol and substance abuse, HIV and AIDS."    (Continued via Research And Markets)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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