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Mobile Phones Risks: True Dangers Of Cell Phone Radiation

A good overview of the problem and where we are on the issue ...

"When it comes to cell phones possible dangers I keep hearing the same story: "They are OK, man... there's nothing really harmful about them... yeah, you may want to avoid keeping them close to your head for too a long periods of time but other than that there is nothing harmful when utilizing mobile phones."

And while I have covered the issue of mobile phone risks here before, this is clearly a topic that no-one wants to hear too much about. Even us, the users, are now so sold to this technology that have stopped thinking critically and asking relevant questions when it comes to understand the true dangers of such a popular and widespread technology.

"Yet the government and a well-funded cell phone industry media machine continue to mislead the unwary public about the dangers of a product used by billions of people. "

What is the real truth about mobile phones radiation risks? Are we being told the truth by mobile phone companies and operators? Do we really need to worry about the use we make of these everyday indispensable geek extensions?

Sue Kovach has done an excellent in-depth research on this topic for Life Extension magazine, unearthing a lot of useful information that you will not easily find elsewhere. If you truly care about understanding whether or not this is an issue to worry about or just another conspiracy-like paranoia to discard, take the time to look at the info and decide for yourself.

The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

Every day, we’re swimming in a sea of electromagneticradiation (EMR) produced by electrical appliances, power lines, wiring in buildings, and a slew of other technologies that are part of modern life.

From the dishwasher and microwave oven in the kitchen and the clock radio next to your bed, to the cellular phone you hold to your ear - sometimes for hours each day - exposure to EMR is growing and becoming a serious health threat.

But there’s a huge public health crisis looming from one particular threat: EMR from cellular phones - both the radiation from the handsets and from the tower-based antennas carrying the signals - which studies have linked to development of brain tumors, genetic damage, and other exposure-related conditions (see references at the end 1-9).

Yet the government and a well-funded cell phone industry media machine continue to mislead the unwary public about the dangers of a product used by billions of people.

Most recently, a Danish epidemiological study announced to great fanfare the inaccurate conclusion that cell phone use is completely safe (10).

George Carlo, PhD, JD, is an epidemiologist and medical scientist who, from 1993 to 1999, headed the first telecommunications industry-backed studies into the dangers of cell phone use. That program remains the largest in the history of the issue.

But he ran afoul of the very industry that hired him when his work revealed preventable health hazards associated with cell phone use.

In this article, we look at why cell phones are dangerous; Dr. Carlo’s years-long battle to bring the truth about cell phone dangers to the public; the industry’s campaign to discredit him and other scientists in the field; and what you can do to protect yourself now."    (Continued via Robin Good)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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