Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ergonomics For Computer Desks

Basic ergonomics for selecting a computer desk ...

"An often searched phrase on the internet is people asking how to go about improving their ergonomics for computer desks. The fact that people are looking is obviously a good thing for everyone trying to improve their posture. For years we operated our computers without any idea what potential harm we might be inflicting on ourselves through repetitive injury.

If you spend 1 minute using your computer, it probably matters little what your ergonomics are. If you are using your computer like most people, however, the ergonomics for computer desks can really become more and more important. The size of your monitor, the type of keyboard and the type of mouse you use will all help determine what type, if any, posture problem that may develop.

Establishing good work habits on a properly set up computer workstation becomes even more important. While there are many good set ups out there, there is hardly one that is right for everyone. People come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, determining their perfect workstation setup will vary for each individual.

In addition, the way you use your computer will also be important in determining your ergonomics that will help you the best. Do you spend most of your time doing data entry? The most critical piece to your set up may be where you place the papers that you are using to get information in which to enter.

Spend a lot of time using your mouse for graphic design? Go the extra mile in setting up your mouse area and don't skimp on having a set up that will allow your hand and wrist to remain relaxed and loose."    (Continued via Ezine Articles)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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