Friday, October 12, 2007

Foot Mouse / Slipper Mouse with pedals

When RSI will not let you use a mouse ...

"Why a foot mouse?

1) Efficiency Booster (Time Saver):

Shortcuts or hotkeys are frequently used during designing and editing, forcing 2 or 3 fingers to dance around awkwardly and eyes to move back and forth between monitor and keyboard. This eye-hand coordination kills time and causes stress. Another situation is: When doing these jobs, most pros' hands are constantly occupied in juggling multiple input devices such as “hand” mouse, keyboard, input pen, or other devices on desk.

2) Pain Reliever (Hand/Arm Saver):

Hate that weak, piercing or numb feeling in your hands and arms? We feel your pain and got the solution for you. This epidemic (ex. carpal tunnel syndrome) is mostly caused by longtime and intensive use of various hand-controlled input devices. It hurts people's body, mood and work. Using our foot mouse, especially its mouse click buttons, can greatly reduce the stress and protect the nerves and tendons of hand and wrist. (Frequent finger tapping is the root of the pain.) When working with some on-screen keyboard software, our mouse even enables people to do typing by foot! Now, nothing can stop you from enjoying your computer."    (Continued via Bili Inc)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Slipper Mouse with Pedals - Ergonomics

Slipper Mouse with Pedals

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