Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Report Considers the Importance of the Human Factor in Rail Safety

The role of ergonomics in railroad safety ...

"In recent years, for reasons connected to the organization of the industry, technical developments, and major safety concerns, rail human factors has grown in importance at an international level. Despite its importance, however, supporting literature has
been largely restricted to specialist journal publications and technical reports. Rail Human Factors addresses this imbalance by providing the first fully comprehensive overview of the area.

The volume includes contributions from leading ergonomists, psychologists, sociologists, management scientists and engineers whose common theme is to investigate, understand and design for people on the railways, including staff, passengers and the general public.

Every area of ergonomics/human factors is covered: physical design of work and equipment in maintenance; cognitive ergonomics in driving, signalling and control; organizational and social ergonomics in the way teams are formed, plans are made and organizations are structured and run. -0- Topics covered include: - Systems views of rail human factors - Driver models and performance - Train and cab design - Network and train control systems, including ERTMS - Signals and signal - SPADS - Signalling and control center design - Signaller performance - Control center interfaces - Workload, situation awareness, team working - Human error and reliability - Timetabling and planning - Maintenance planning and work - Safety climate and safety culture - Passenger comfort and behaviour - Station design - Public information systems - Level crossings - Trespass and vandalism - Ergonomics standards and guidelines - Human Factors integration."    (Continued via PR-Inside)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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