Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Workplace zen

Staying injury-free at work ...

"Work is a big part of our lives. Our financial stability, and sometimes even sense of self, depend on it.

Unfortunately, the day-to-day tedium of paperwork, deadline stress, and office drama can take their toll on health and happiness.

"If you work eight hours a day, that equates to a third of your total life," said Pedram Shojai, a licensed acupuncturist and president of Vitality Health & Wellness in Irvine, Calif. which offers a corporate wellness program to employers.

"That's too much time to blunder away by being unhealthy, unhappy and unfit."

There are several aspects of a typical work environment that can be adjusted for an improved day and job life. We've compiled expert advice in four areas related to work life: ergonomics, employee nutrition and fitness, workstation organization and design, and relaxation amid stress.

Hopefully, these tips can help your work hours come a bit closer to what your free time is like.


Your neck and shoulders are knotted and painful. You're losing sleep over your latest project. And you're desperate for a vacation.

In about six seconds, you'll be bursting from all the stress.

"As we know from science and research, stress-related disorders account for about 60-90 percent of office visits to physicians," said Ryan Seay, clinical psychologist at The Center for Optimal Health in Irvine.

So relax ... with these tips.

» Get chummy with co-workers through social activities outside work, Seay says. Recent research has shown people with strong family and friendship ties are generally happier, he said.

» If you're having trouble with someone at work, try communicating with that person, said Gena Kadar, corporate wellness director for Orange County Heart Institute and Research Center in Orange, Calif.

» Having a positive attitude about life and self is a great way to create luck and opportunity.

» Breathe yourself into a meditative state. When feeling stressed, take five minutes to sit up straight and breathe down into your lower abdomen. When you catch your mind wandering, acknowledge it and return to the breathing.

» Let go of perfectionism, Kadar said. For many of us, everything has to be done flawlessly, but sometimes flawless isn't necessary."    (Continued via Lansing State Journal)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Workplace Zen - Ergonomics

Workplace Zen

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