Monday, October 08, 2007

Zeroing in on the Right Office Chair

Finding comfort in an ergonomic office chair ...

"Finding the right office chair isn't always easy. People come in different shapes and sizes, do different tasks and have different priorities when it comes to meeting their seating requirements.

Choosing a chair for the office has many considerations: one that's not too hard or too soft; too expensive or too cheap; or one that provides the right back support but doesn't have so many bells, knobs and whistles, that no one knows how to adjust it.

The facts are that office workers are more productive, as well as more comfortable and less likely to report injuries, when they sit in well-designed ergonomic furniture and are properly trained to use it.

A recent study reported by the Office Ergonomic Research Committee (OERC) found that employers who provided employees with a combination of good ergonomic furniture and training in how to use it realized about $367 per day more income per employee which translates into a 17.8 percent productivity gain.

According to a release by the OERC, Dr. Ben Amick of the University of Texas at Houston's Health Science Center said, "This study was one of the most comprehensive scientific efforts to link an ergonomic product and training to health, employee productivity and return on investment for a corporation."

Choosing the right office chair is imperative, according to Scott Openshaw, Human Factors and Ergonomics Manager for Allsteel, a leading designer and manufacturer of contract workplace solutions. He noted that comfort is the key to anyone who sits in a chair for long periods of time.

"When we're comfortable, the absence of the chair's awareness lets people concentrate on their task at hand; in essence, comfort equals productivity," Openshaw said. "But some chairs don't provide that comfort because their design may not support the back, neck and shoulders properly."    (Continued via Fort Wayne WPTA-TV)    [Ergonomics Resources]

Ergonomic Office Chair - Ergonomics

Ergonomic Office Chair

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