Thursday, November 08, 2007

Healthcare focus of World Usability Day

Today is World Usability Day ...

"Thursday is World Usability Day!

Never heard of it? It’s a corporate-powered set of events meant to “put people at the center of usability.”

The nearest event to my Atlanta home is a four-hour Charlotte trade fair, with seven booths, sponsored by some company called BellSouth. (Wonder if the sponsorship survived their absorption by AT&T?)

Oh, and this year the focus is on healthcare.

So the question occurs what could lead to greater usability in healthcare products? Please, chime in below.

Personally I think we should start with business models which value usability. If usability made you more profitable, people would build it in.

It’s true that in many areas of technology this doesn’t happen. People prefer to have a lot of features, until they get products home. Then they find themselves either searching for a way to get things done, or finding one way that works, and wishing all the other ways of getting something done would just go away.

This has long bedeviled the makers of mobile devices. People say they want plain phones, but then they buy the ones with all the bells and whistles, and the buttons so small your fingers can’t find them.

Healthcare includes many different types of markets, so usability has a different priority depending on the buyer. You want a simple robotic surgeon? I didn’t think so. But you do want a simple blood pressure monitor.

The usability channel expands when you consider disability. Think it’s tough keeping yourself from throwing something against the wall because of your ADHD? Try it without arms or legs, or blind or deaf."    (Continued via ZDNet)    [Ergonomics Resources]

World Usability Day - Ergonomics

World Usability Day

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