Thursday, November 22, 2007

Make yourself comfortable

High-end ergonomic chair ...

"When you’re in the hotseat, that seat had better be a comfortable one. Considering many hours have to be spent deciding strategy and tactics, maybe even the fate of nations and the course of history, the chair that you sit on simply must be good.

That's why it’s an essential luxury and money should not be the criteria; comfort should be. But then comfort is a very subjective issue. I recall being quite flummoxed upon entering a CEO’s office in Calcutta many years ago and seeing him perched on what looked like a saddle.

It certainly wasn’t a chair, and he sort of partly straddled, party perched and partly kneeled on it. But he felt most comfortable in that posture so who was I to quibble? After all, the era of a hefty swivel chair with expensive leather cladding — and mabye even brass tack detailing — has long gone. And yet the issue of this essential luxury of the office remains a live debate.

Some would say that all debate ended in the year 1994, with the advent of one single invention: the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. This was the office chair-ka-baap. It looked like a cross between a metallic skeleton and Irona, the robot-maid in Richie Rich comics, and not only had lumbar support but also a “pellicle mesh weave” frame that allowed the body to “breathe”. From MNCs to used car dealers with ready cash but aching backs, honchos happily forked out the moolah — and earned the chair a place in posterity, so to speak!"    (Continued via The Economic Times)    [Ergonomics Resources]

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Aeron Chair

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