Monday, November 19, 2007

Trigger Finger - Repetitive Strain Finger Pain

Tips for relieving finger pain ...

"Mouse and keyboard use can cause finger pain. One common cause of finger pain is called trigger finger. Trigger finger is a swelling of the tendon or tendon sheath in the palm of the hand of the tendons that bend the fingers. This swelling prevents the tendon from gliding smoothly through the sheath and the "pulley" (ligament) which holds the tendon to the bone. Trigger finger occurs most frequently in the middle finger and the ring finger, but it can occur in any finger or the thumb.


* A locking, snapping, popping or catching sensation in the finger while making a fist.
* This "triggering" of the finger can be quite painful at times.
* The finger may "lock" into a bent position.
* There will most likely be pain or tenderness in the palm of the hand over the site of the pulley which holds the tendon close to the bone.
* There may be joint stiffness and pain in the affected finger.


* Repetitively gripping or bending and straightening the fingers (e.g. - mouse clicking)
* Sustained gripping (e.g. - squeezing the mouse forcefully or holding a pen in a "death grip")
* Using tools that have handles with sharp or hard edges


* Avoid repetitive grasping and releasing of objects. Modify the activity if you are unable to avoid it. Look for ergonomic mice or larger barreled pens. Change your typing style so that your fingers are relaxed on the keyboard and mouse.
* Avoid sustained grasp.
* Keep the fingers relaxed over the keyboard. Do not plant your wrist down on the wrist rest while typing as this causes excessive and stressful finger movements to reach all the keys. Rather, the wrist should glide over the wrist rest, allowing the fingers to be positioned over the keys in a relaxed manner.
* Purchase tools with padded, comfortable handles."    (Continued via Marji Hajic, Bella Online)
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